Siganus luridus

Found in small schools in very shallow water close to the bottom. Prefer hard bottoms of compacted sand with rock or coral debris. Solitary adults and groups of 3 or 4 adults have also been observed. Feed on a wide range of benthic algae. May suddenly stop and erect its fins (dorsal, anal and pelvic) presenting an encircling array of spines to potential predators; these spines are venomous. A food fish that is occasionally poisonous (Ref. 4537). Probably does not adapt well in captivity (Ref. 12382). A thermophilic species (Ref. 120766). Minimum depth from Ref. 9710.

Info for Siganus luridus

  • Toxic
  • No Venomous
  • Invasive in the Mediterranean
  • Native Range:
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